Hello, readers. My name is Beatrice, and I’m a mathematics major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Although I plan to pursue happiness through the understanding of quadratic reciprocity, symplectic matrices, and Voronoi diagrams (all big, impressive words that I picked off course descriptions and don’t know anything about), I also seek to answer some greater questions in life:

1. What is the secret to constructing the perfect McNugget?
2. Why is Star Wars such a big deal on t-shirt design derbies?
3. Will Starbucks ever do discounts?
4. How come no one likes me?

Anyway, I grew up in Naperville, which is a suburb off of Chicago that isn’t ghetto at all. I attended Naperville North High School, where I devoted most of my time to math team (we’re actually competent), badminton, and drawing comics of my friends dying under different circumstances.

When I applied to Cornell, I already knew that it was the only place I ever wanted be. I was one of the people who shook nervously from 12 am to 4pm on December 16th and turned in my calculus cumulative early to check admissions. It was a night of big red tears. As for what I’m actually doing at Cornell, I don’t know yet. I’ll leave you with a comment one of the upperclassmen left on the Class of 2018 page (its legitimate, because it got a lot of likes):

“Cornell is the best place on Earth, and your time here is what you decide to make of it. When I first got here, I never imagined that I would be studying or doing what I’m doing right now. I’ve made friends that I never thought I’d be friends with, I’ve done things that I never thought I would do, and I’m studying things that would have bored younger me to hell.
Whatever you decide to do, just remember that you have the entire Cornell community to fall back on. Yeah, it might be hell, but it’s our hell, so let’s make it as non-hellish as we can for each other.”

Admissions Day

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